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☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.

☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.
☆There are school types. Forgotten are Universities. They cover extra. I chose CMU. Transferred only Deans list from WCC., Ann Arbor & Schoolcraft Livonia. 4-yr Studies Real Estate Corp. Skipping Sales Agent & Broker Bosses. For ESPN Football, Central MI Chippewas. "MT Pleasant" is Small Town energy. Popular for their Casino, downtown, & Concerts. Near Upper MI fresh air. Vaccines Required, My Booster Shot hits Spring months. Leaving Jan 8th Weekend...

Reboot for LDM Yoga

Its Back.
After finishing my Fitness term. (updates ongoing for college)
i am ready to virtually connect and teach from LDM Yoga
a popular dept during training and teaching yrs, 2007-2009.

LDM Holistic Yoga School

Leslie M Moore. LDM Regional Campus, LDM Inc., Former Podcast EDU Spring term 2011-15.
school accreditation current:
Certified and Accredited with:
Entity Backdrop:
  1. The American Council of Holistic Healers is an organization founded to serve the growing needs of the holistic health industry.
    They provide independent professional certification services to those who qualify.
  2. Michigan Department of Education,
Section: Non Public, Home School, Private School.
Michigan Teacher Certification: Adult Instruction, Adult Education, *Ages 18 plus.
  1. Awards: Chapter: Beta Gamma Epsilon, Honors Society: Phi Theta Kappa, National Deans List, Nominated for The International Scholar Laureate Program Delegation on Business. 2015 Deans List of SC Livonia, MI
*Summary has grown over yrs. The original and additions Below.
Love and Divinity In Motion Organization (L.D.M) LDM Inc.,
Dr (Rev) Leslie Michelle Moore, B.A., Metaphysical Physicist, Yogaphysician/Yogiphysician, Naturopathic Life Coach
Titles or Genre: Naturopathic Awareness (ND), C.A.M Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Mind-Body-Soul Medicine, Energy Medicine, Feng Shui Yoga, Yoga Therapist, Yoga Practitioner, Yoga Bodywork Practitioner, Tantra Research, Chakra Bodywork Practitioner, Reiki Bodywork Practitioner, Experienced and Empathic Healer, Quantum Physics Researcher, Psychic scientist, Light Worker, Light Bearer, Metaphysical Physician.
We are a Combination of Secular and Non Secular Degrees and Experiences. A combination of Traditional College Transcripts and CEU Professional Certifications.
Accredited; we aim to educate in Holistic Topics and Awareness. LDM of 2011: As an Organization, we are now designing our own Independent Scholar Studies based on 2 yrs of new research and group meetings. This includes a fusion of Secular and Non Secular studies. We hope to teach our research in terms of Professional Certifications to Non Secular Doctrines.
~Examples: General Holistic Wellness, Holistic life Counseling and Coach, Metaphysical Psychology, Metaphysical Space Studies, Metaphysical Counseling, Metaphysical Wealth Building, Metaphysical Core Engineering, Yoga Pilates, and Yoga Therapy/Medical Yoga.~
(Serving virtual 'On call', Private only. Instructor under updates, Teaching 2014-2016.)
- See more at:


See for tip options. More coming soon

See for tip options. More coming soon
You're welcome to donate to any department, job, projects, or blogs. Coaching, Chapel, yoga tuition, and installments are separate. Thanks for visiting and supporting LDM Mia Corp. (REV DR) Lez Michelle, Yoga-ND. See for tip options. More coming soon

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As you know The hustle been on. In Jan i move to Mount Pleasant Home of the casino resort i forgot, recent concerts, And of course CMU. However The yoga shop is live 24/7 I will before Thanksgiving Review inventory and offer sales. Promos will rotate in. Donations are on but optional. Funds will aid Detroit, South Redford, Mt Pleasant Thx Rev Dr Lez


⊙Home Tech plans☆LDM Mia Corp♡We are satellite from Detroit Redford to Redford Township areas. However; i plan to buy/Finance/land, lots, camper properties, & tiny homes for central & Northern Michigan. Areas of Focus are Bay City to near Traverse/Alpena Cities. Lab days/Hrs will vary.☆

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