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Podcast ft SL and RLife

Podcaster on Anchor

Podcaster on Anchor

October Ending

Beetlejuice - Day-o (Banana Boat Song)

Halloween Throwbacks

It’s Halloween

Tom Cruise reacts to #TomCruiseClinging Memes

Morning moments

A Cruise Moment


HHA moments

Enjoying my breaks

Michigan’s fall color show closes quickly this year

Music Throwback - Dont tell me

Morning all

Just moved - vTravels

VR- Yoga Breaks

not in the office

SL breaks

Daily inspirations - RL vs SL

Halloween fun...

Love yourself

The Use of Herbal Alternative Medicines in Neuropsychiatry | A Report of the ANPA Committee on Research

Luv my sundays

HHA moments

Detroit. Move Here. Move The World.

Coffee Corner - Fam Sunday

Coffee Corner - Fam Sunday

A normal caregiver Saturday

Updates- Office vs HHA

My Loyalz and Sweeties, Ty For visiting my Blogger

My Loyalz and Sweeties, Ty For visiting my Blogger
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Mia Tech Spring ft Throwback

Mia Tech Spring ft Throwback
©Mia Tech 2021: Happy Spring and Easter. In Mia Tech for Game Dev; has paused for spring. I started training for This works faster then simulation. Sorry to say, My computers are too slow. So i need a 3rd faster or gamer style computer. Its expensive but hopefully i can get a business grant from the Biz SBA. Thx to Mia fans. See post for 4/3 Easter weekend.


Most of us are Frontline or lockdown all over the World. Streets are light to empty. LIFE ALTERED. PLEASE BE SAFE AND DO SELF-CARE. HUGS