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Happy Fall 2021

Happy Fall 2021
So getting ready slow for autumn. I am still Cityscape with family. Its functional, annoying, but works. Any traveling or off grid lifestyle will mirror hopefully SL. For a 50/50 balance. I have to plan everything in pieces, including commercial for office/studio/church.

Det: The beauty and the challenges of Hart Plaza

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Plus, check out our map of postmodern architecture in Detroit.
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The unsung brilliance of Hart Plaza

Designed by Isamu Noguchi, the downtown gathering space has features that still seem futuristic today. But it's also starting to show its age.


Detroit's postmodern architecture, mapped

Detroit is not well known for its postmodern architecture. But here's six notable examples.


MoGo Detroit announces locations for suburban expansion

There will be 31 new stations in five suburban cities along the Woodward corridor.


Stephen Ross, Dan Gilbert to build $300M 'innovation center' in Detroit

The real estate moguls will partner with the University of Michigan to build the campus at the former "fail jail" site.


Indian Village home with historic charm asks $625K

Designed by famed architect C. Howard Crane in the 1910s.


HUD denies recommending demolition of United Artists Theatre

But a major financier of the $56 million redevelopment still doesn't think it should be saved.



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• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.

• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.
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