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☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.

☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.
☆There are school types. Forgotten are Universities. They cover extra. I chose CMU. Transferred only Deans list from WCC., Ann Arbor & Schoolcraft Livonia. 4-yr Studies Real Estate Corp. Skipping Sales Agent & Broker Bosses. For ESPN Football, Central MI Chippewas. "MT Pleasant" is Small Town energy. Popular for their Casino, downtown, & Concerts. Near Upper MI fresh air. Vaccines Required, My Booster Shot hits Spring months. Leaving Jan 8th Weekend...

Zodiac General - Ur Health and Energy? (alternative checklist)

To all signs in the zodiac for mid October. Its a time to harvest mind you, so are we hitting blessings or freaking curses here? Lets fix it before Nov.
A short reminder...
About energy, moods, social, that direction or branch.
So Bare with me 😆
Its also a rainy month, smh. I try to tune the rain or relax to it??
When you don’t feel well...on energy, moods, or minor pains/annoyances.
I mean any illness that's lightweight 
or none chronic and non covid (these days are very complicated)
Ask yourself and observe the following 
Go deeper into reflections
What was i just doing (pause and review your recent actions)
Am I causing self sabotage?
Am I stressed, burnt out, Hitting unset limits? Your body limits?
Am i balanced, mind body and spirit? AM I MISSING SELF CARE?
Now other ppl can hate and cause you side painz. Its very common.
Ask yourself, also your subconscious mind even...
Is this an attack to detour or slow my project of ()?, money of (), relationship goals (), est...
I feel invaded, attacked, or cursed? Why and Who? HOW CAN I FIX IT?
Sometimes ill health is a direct message of ill intention from silent sources.
Its your Ex, jealous friend/coworker, dysfunctional family, 
angry associate, est..
Tossing those fire balls at yall. My best visual 😆 Tossin hate chi.
We are energy and it travels ft the internet. Its called psychic attacks.
Its light to perm if you are immune or a victim mindset.
<Don't keep taking any and random bad luck.>
<Be careful with your social and sacred energy.>
We're in rough timez social wise within the pandemic itself.
Our energy should be guarded extra. This i learnt slow in 2005 its 2021.
Times now vs before demand serious mastery of power/empowerment.
Its not to scare ppl or cause paranoid situations. Not stirring the pot lol.
Just alternative healing awareness beyond the medical community.
happy Saturday and Weekend everyone. ITS SAT EVENING FOR ME.
ENJOY YOUR SUNDAY TOO. Weekends are a mindset. The best motivators are younger ppl or those on college campus. Once we graduate or get older we stress more and forget to enjoy life. Including our Friday through Sundayz
to be Continued for the horoscope fans, jus general zodiac suggestions.
We all have to speedy prep for the holidays and 2022. It seems far but i sense a growing need. This includes health, prosperity, and time adjustment. Whatever is current has to be mgt or shift up higher.
Vibrational healing is key too. 
Any low Vibrational chi causes sickness, bad luck, failures, low money, no money, frequent problems, est. 
This is low vibration and Covid is mainstream 🙄😒😑smh


See for tip options. More coming soon

See for tip options. More coming soon
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