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☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.

☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.
☆There are school types. Forgotten are Universities. They cover extra. I chose CMU. Transferred only Deans list from WCC., Ann Arbor & Schoolcraft Livonia. 4-yr Studies Real Estate Corp. Skipping Sales Agent & Broker Bosses. For ESPN Football, Central MI Chippewas. "MT Pleasant" is Small Town energy. Popular for their Casino, downtown, & Concerts. Near Upper MI fresh air. Vaccines Required, My Booster Shot hits Spring months. Leaving Jan 8th Weekend...

Evening eCampus 9-10p - Sample Meditation Sessions (Yoga Real Estate)

- *We always operate within our training and experience. All situations are handled at a comfortable level of ease, within all Certifications and field wisdom*

- *Organization functions as a Studio. Our Studio is divided into, Classroom, Yoga, and Recording. Thats makes us primary: 1. Classroom Studio 2. LDM Yoga Studio 3. LDM Recording Studio.

- (2018-20) Where Experience meets Virtual Reality." Satellite eHeadquarters, About US: A Virtual Reality (VR) Expert within 3D, Animation, & Simulation. Projects Feature Photography and Yoga. A Goddess Biz building my Dynasty.
    - By LDM Mia Corp, LDM Yoga:
        - (2019-20) Affordable Prices & Fees. Classes: $20-$100, (Delayed, Editing) Programs: $200-$3,000.

Shorten Lesson Chapters:
1. Introduction to Meditation
2. Tapping Power
3. Intuitive Meditation

Campus of LDM Yoga University
Meditation Edition I 2020

Welcome to Love and Divinity In Motion Headquarters otherwise LDM.
You have entered the Campus of LDM Yoga University.
Home of our Accredited Secular and Non Secular Distance Education System.

Lesson One
Introduction to Meditation

Yoga Benefits Intro: Yoga similar to the arts and fitness can be very healing and therapeutic. The poses, breathing, meditations, and psychology, all contribute to healing many illness aiding remission over time.

For these lessons I will break down my chosen styles, experiences, and therapy of Meditation. Meditation has a few traditional categories. However i have seen from churches, guru books, and teachers newer versions. These styles similar to yoga maybe not mainstream and independent taught. The main styles of meditation are: 
- Breathing,
- Guided,
- Mantras,
- And Mindful.
The one style I don't use often is actually guided. Guided can feature music, drums, instructions, and visualization methods. Its an excellent method but unless its a student workshop, as a Coach; I don't use it. I have seen alternative methods featuring:
- Guided and Mindfulness becomes intuitive (Discernment) Meditation.
- Mantras becomes Affirmation (Statements) Meditation.
- Mindfulness branches to Active/Busy lifestyle Meditations.
- Guided and Mindfulness branches to Zen styles. This includes Walking Meditation. 
- Its common over time and by teachers to see blended methods and combinations.

Lesson Two
Tapping Power

December Blogger Highlights:
Meditation holds a lot of power that we shrug off. Anything less complicated or too simple we toss aside. A common error on schooling and childhood alone. We are raised on logics and reason. Simple to advance Meditation hosts hidden keys and healing power. Meditation can take a few minutes to 3 hrs *For churches and temples. - LDM Yoga, LDM Mia Office

Saturday, December 5th, 11a-1p,

I meditate short sessions throughout my day even between night sleep or dreams. Its now a routine or habit in 2020. I saw a visual of my money Metaphysics. Back Story: I learnt years ago, money is energy. When manifesting, cocreating, business projects, est., Money equals a small (project) percent not 100. Now, first; anything presented by my avatar is legit a higher money (chi) vibration then other projects. Second, this makes sense via Secondlife does host (like Forex) money exchange. I am external world jobs not in-world projects. Third, on science and Spirit; i believe the Mayan calendar was miscalculated. I feel 2012 was really 2020. This again does not mean the world ends. We are still beyond 2012 now, hosting endings, as we begin. I try to tune out on Convid-19 cases and world news. I caught recently the US total stats, A 'quarter million' already died of Convid-19. This sounds surreal but is sadly our reality. Imagine worldwide the effects and (harsh) reality we are hosting. No words can describe this pandemic horror. Now, i am coping by shifting my focus to wellness, balance, and reg money survival. I am choosing to be empowered during this pandemic because my regular issues still exist. Your Life does not stop for Convid-19. We still have to heal, release, balance, and survive simultaneously. 

Now we all love different movies on science fiction, disasters, and world ending. My favorite movie is 2012. 
For reference: 2012 is a 2009 American Diaster film....The film stars John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton, Danny Glover, and Woody Harrelson. -
Not to spoil the movie for those who never saw it, but; The survival group was pre-selected to those driven with passion to survive. Please regard the pandemic with safety first, self care, and wellness. However the missing puzzle piece, the optional, the path less traveled are; Planning a successful 2021. Do not enter the new year in doomsday. Do not enter the new year with your health in limbo. My Examples; Do take your vitamins, regular fitness, frequent meditations, environment (germ) awareness, and increasing prayer life. Do meditate or assume longevity and prosperity. Subtract negative chats, social, and people out of your circle or extra time. Be careful, wise, and undercover in how you disconnect small negative situations.
I hope this all makes sense. It's just my coffee reflection on a Saturday.

So peace, love, and Namaste. - Lez Michelle (Avatar; Liza/Goddess)

Lesson Three
Intuitive Meditations 

We have many religions and walks of life reading right now. As a blogger i am very immune to this. However I am always grateful. So i will keep this chapter universal in format and generalized. It shows respect and regard for all styles of religion, faith dominations, churches, and temples. Mind, Body, and Spirit is my game, focus, and job. As a Yoga Coach, I am not cardio or sporty; however in therapy its possible. I could fuse Sports Rehab or Sports Yoga. For now, i do team spirit. I am trained through my fan readers and Biz Followers. I recently keep a family energy for them. Building safety and therapy chi during Convid.

Now My favorite or default style of meditation is intuitive. I use it daily like eating and drinking. I keep it natural, unnoticed, not regarded. Sounds almost religious or traditional but its defense. In recent years i have seen so many non-believers attack meditation. However theres a silver lining. From 2019 to 2021 more individuals, ages 30 to 60; are interested in meditation sessions. This is a positive shift from the disrespect just years prior. Now during the 2020 ending, all alternative healing; has taken center stage. This includes both yoga and meditation. Meditation stands alone or solo. Its fused into yoga by style and teacher but not a guaranteed. Its best to learn them separate once you are a loyal Yoga Student. Yoga is ongoing, i learn, teach, and coach by all means. I never stop or advertise. Sometimes ppl have no idea what and why. (Ok sorry, whoops, my Bad.) I do miscellaneous update as needed or ask lol. My main news are passed to fan readers in my blogger. Now in short, lets get you trained in the basics first. After this awareness you can study, research, even shift directions. There are so many good books and classes on meditation. 

The best time to tap your inner wisdom, reflections, and God Voice is through quiet time. Its very challenging (but possible) to hear any legit Spiritual guidance during noise, dramas, chaos. 

Lessons have been shorten and incomplete. Thx for reading our meditation course so far and metaphysical purchase. - Rev Dr Leslie M. Moore, LDM Yoga, LDM Mia Corp., June 2021.

☕️LDM Mia Corp,
*Public Social: 2 Blogs, Twitter, IG*


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See for tip options. More coming soon
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