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☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.

☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.
☆There are school types. Forgotten are Universities. They cover extra. I chose CMU. Transferred only Deans list from WCC., Ann Arbor & Schoolcraft Livonia. 4-yr Studies Real Estate Corp. Skipping Sales Agent & Broker Bosses. For ESPN Football, Central MI Chippewas. "MT Pleasant" is Small Town energy. Popular for their Casino, downtown, & Concerts. Near Upper MI fresh air. Vaccines Required, My Booster Shot hits Spring months. Leaving Jan 8th Weekend...

Low Vibrational::Perceptions are speedily shifting

Ok i love Stewie (Family Guy)
Now on Sunday thoughts 
Saying only in here
Perceptions are real but confusing right now (time and space too)
Communications are changing quickly.
Catching concept reversals, misunderstandings, forgetfulness or ppl lying.
Because logical occurrences in real time are shifting.
Ppl don't have to validate your memories, resume, skills, real life past. 
Facts are now opinions not txt book, calendar Data. I am Catching Ppl mixing time and facts in daily Life. Example, I appear to either be Harry Potter or have a twin KiKi Michelle. I mean its lower vibrational and clashing. Its energy and time Perceptions. This sounds extremely hard to believe. However your love one, Bestie, family, social, co worker are mentally stressed now. Some households are hosting regular doom, covid issues, or reality stricken fear. This means Regular chats are altered. Its psychology gone wrong. What use to be normal is completely canceled or dysfunctional. Solution is this; its only the tiny beginning. You can only work on yourselves. Its urgent and important to tune into yourselves, your frequency, your wellness. Your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family may divide quickly. Hopefully not in relationship terms but definitely in communications. You have to really trust your Intuition too. If that's difficult then seeking counseling, guides, classes, or paying readings are allowed. Its going outside the box because life is pushing you. Life and low energies will hack you. The only sane and solid ground is higher Intuition. Your higher to raising vibrations. The lower frequency world is closing in, its sickness, hexes, curses, fights, arguments, conflict, war, deaths, est. Everything opposite of light and love are low energies. So now these energies levels can barely communicate. I feel this started spring or summer maybe. Where ppl are not on the same page. It could be related to extended Lockdowns or The aftermath?? I HONESTLY am guessing here. This weekend Its a slow message in the zodiac collective. A HUGE yellow alert. Hopefully we are not emergency red zone here. I know August ending is freakin fire. Its lit fire that's doomsday. We gotta own a cooling system for bad chi/fire. We gotta own good fire for a cold world. Its truly balancing yin and Yang.
Just a reminder 
Its been crazy this August.
I found sum monthly Rewards featuring hard energy clashes though (?)

Happy Sunday still for me.
And Be Well,
Be safe,
Be Sane.


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See for tip options. More coming soon
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As you know The hustle been on. In Jan i move to Mount Pleasant Home of the casino resort i forgot, recent concerts, And of course CMU. However The yoga shop is live 24/7 I will before Thanksgiving Review inventory and offer sales. Promos will rotate in. Donations are on but optional. Funds will aid Detroit, South Redford, Mt Pleasant Thx Rev Dr Lez


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