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☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.

☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.
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Exclusive - Forming Ordination Masonry - Part One

Summer Projects
Developing ©Yoga Masonry by ©Love and Divinity In Motion (LDM) ©LDM Yoga University, (HQ) ©LDM Mia Chapel, (HQ) ©Yogi Goddess, ©LDM Mia Corp, Metro Det, MI USA 
©By (Rev Dr) Leslie M Moore, Metaphysician, Life Coach, Yoga ND.

1. Story: I am The Great GrandDaughter of A (spiritually) powerful black woman Mason. Died year 1976 Alabama USA. I was an infant and never met her in person. She is My Mom's Side, Grandmother's Mother, Madea Legally Lucy. For 2 years she served as my spirit guide for studies only. Her guidance was limited and timed spiritually. It was solely on her Masonic wisdom and no other. It was like an apprenticeship but charmed. For Forever Charmed Fans its similar to the original show (The mother and Grandmother of the halliwell sisters). I am a fan of both show versions. Later Madea left me to be independent and checked in occasionally. This was on my reverend internship nothing personal or family promoted. It could have gotten complicated. (On the first grandchild and first great grandchild, i earned jus sayin lol.) Family will battle always. At that time we lost my grandmother, same year as Michael Jackson. Everything was fresh and fertile ground. Hard lingering issues on her death alone. My grandmother was a traditional Baptist church goer children. I attended church with her during Grade school years. I am naturally like her in both personality and Christianity. I love Bibles same as her but its hid as a inside joke. Grandma would spend over $100 on a Bible, Diva it out, and highlight too. I recently use Bible online:
So spiritually grandmother and Great were two different people. I host Respect for them both. I also heard storybook Volumes from mom. Moms vivid memories on all Family trees served during 2010-2012.
My grandmother full circle i hope, watched over us for awhile after her passing. Our issues differ and guidance was settle including dream sleep. My Madea quest was gated, protected, and allowed. It was daylight, office, church hrs, and urgent on Mayan-2012. Certain documents Freemasons could have in Masonic (Alabama) records. However i never tried its on time. I naturally went solo as a Reverend. I felt anything before 1976 was optional on archives and filing. This is church, organization, and business format. We all have grown 2011 to 2021.

2. Back Story 2: A high ranking Mason was listed also on father's side of the family. Yes he was traditionally wealthy and powerful but he molested family daughters probably on ritual requirements. We don't honor him or his legacy on abuse. I don't believe sexuality should be tainted and dark. This sort of abuse stains the family tree. It causes wounds nearly unrepairable. So i honor mom's said not dads. Also Alabama vs Michigan black masonry.

3. A free practitioner Mason on time and lost documents. Great and Grand children are allowed membership under Southern/Alabama Black Freemasonry

3. Researched years: 2010-2012 During promotion of Mayan Calendar. On research i consider myself master Alchemist through Goddess studies. These are based in Yoga and Metaphysics levels of 1990s/2002.

4. I am opening up ordination levels and plan to include masonic options.

5. We are a protective, gateway community as LDM and Mia Chapel and temples. Our masonry will not be promoted, advertised, joint, or sold to outsiders. This is designed for my fan loyalz already understanding our universal beliefs over time, web information, and blogging.

6. In short, we are entering a very critical timeline spiritually. We are mocked, sick, suffering for not attaining the highest vibrations or frequency. Theres no manual, no instruction book, no explanation but life experiences period. Its both hurtful and rewarding all combined. However soon its outta date we are half way through 2021.

7. Similar to the Yoga Churches and probably Scientology I believe in vows and privacy. All studies would require students maintain confidentiality and regard membership rules. Its nothing harmful but serves as gateway mgt or community privacy. I years ago (2009) studied under Kriya Yoga by Paramahansa Yogananda for Metropolitan, Michigan. All studies assisted my levels of meditation for teaching fitness yoga. I was a recent graduate online after moving from Ann Arbor Michigan in fall 2006. Both my yoga and business was fresh and still maturing. Personally my emotional pain ran deep. I had strong influences of sabotage coming in as boot camp. However i opened the path to this militant life. Kriya Yoga was temporary but served as nourishment and revelation. As base i am still Hatha and Therapeutic Yoga.

- My Yoga Professor at WCC ANN Arbor campus was Himalayan Institute.

- Paramahansa Yogananda was an Indian Hindu monk, yogi and guru who introduced millions to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga through his organization Self-Realization Fellowship / Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, and who lived his last 32 years in America.

- Source:

- Former Church Fellowship and Distant Prayer Service: Unity Church, Unity Livonia Michigan.

- Church Store Supplies and Monastery:

- Affirmational Beliefs/Self-help/Self-serve:

8. Your teachers, instructors, professors pass on their eyes to you. The All knowing eye has different meanings, versions, and jobs per situation. The eye can be a blessing or curse, good or bad. Its a benefit to understand the meanings for basic protection as well. So teachers pass on their eye of perception to aid yours. Its not to slave you or its fake teachings/cult ministries. You are no ones slave. You are suppose to fertile and grow yourself own eye and wisdom.

9. The Mayan Calendar is over in 2022. Not formally 2012. Its time everyone. Its an open awakening going on. Safe spiritual communities all styles and types are now in demand. We are quietly in a long-term rapture and not traditional Biblical wise. The vanishings are pandemic based so far. The smaller preparations were Before and during 2012. Exampke: The hippie psychedelic community celebrated Age of Aquarius December 2020. So deep breathe and relax your fears. We are transcending and awakening. But its definitely a form of rapture.

10. So more information coming soon for members and optional always.

11. This Yoga Masonry is hosted under LDM Mia Chapel and temples. Donation required and membership classes online.

12. All genders and countries allowed age 18 and up. Classes will vary but be for those seeking higher frequency, advanced classes. Prosperity Money lessons included however not sole or primary. Delayed Yoga programs including Vajra Yoga could possibly be fused under ©Yoga Masonry.

13. For me since Mayan 2012: Masonic serves higher learning, Revolution, evolving, vibrations, and potentially collective consciousness. Studies are rarely public or promoted unless by random Master/Teacher only. Its a fusion of universal spirit and science education. Anything harmful, abusive, or selfish are by the oldest, traditional freemasonry and their rituals. Sorry its the best i can tell you. This is on legends, fokelore, family stories, rumors and gossip too. In short My beliefs are honest, uplifting, universal, harm none. We are free will and free beliefs. Our founding father of the US believed this and were freemasons

14. We are truly Mayan 2020-21. Please be safe. Please be careful. Please host and honor your rituals in Self-Care. I think rituals have a bad Karma or reputation. Certain rituals in Yoga and holistic health are for your well-being and seasonal maintenance.


See for tip options. More coming soon

See for tip options. More coming soon
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