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Mia (Jonita Resorts) Gaming - July Tech

Mia Gaming News Update
- Our Bday Anniversary was July 4th Former June 21st from 2010, podcast yrs. Both Bdays has ended for Secondlife and our Mia Gaming Ext.
-Mia Fan Club are alert and do read (Annual, Seasonal) updates when available. (Much luv and Thx)

- Mia Tech Summer
Updates for: 6:44 PM 7/15/2020

Grid News, Open Sims
1. I do have two versions of Open Sims under testing, the New Version and Old one
2. New Version is pretty cool, has our science center and New University Campus but its crashing
3. The New Version is OpenSim
4. Our Operation Version, Beta, and vReal Estate Is OpenSim 0.7.2
5. Today for 7/15/2020, OpenSim 0.7.2 ran successfully on a cloud.
6. Actually a requirement, i am late; but extra space is needed to run Sims standalone and especially Public.
7. To save my laptop space, i do use icloud 200G to assist with both computer files. Files run per desktop vs all access.
8. So to see OpenSim run the Mia and LDM virtual estates, HD, on the icloud, is complete success. I tried since June.
9. I am still having issues with O.9.1.1 however virtual world viewers vary.
10. My success came from the old imprudence viewer vs Firestorm or Old Hippo Viewers (For OpenSim VR)
11. Thats all for 7:21 PM 7/15/2020, Updates to Office and Blogger.

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