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How is Everyone doing

I am on my lg ipad and laptop. So this is a laptop post right here.My small ipad died but i got a Galaxy Tab to replace it. This was gifted spring and its an office adjustment...still. My desktop is still my Dell. Its a lightweight version, from 2017. So far it does good but not heavy jobs, so i divide my tasks up.

At times i hit near live with a few readers, we are an hour apart between posts. Depends on the content how fast i post now. My emailing method dropped, think its the google new interface. I do prefer the older version and using it right now (ipad to laptop)

OK, lets see...

I am not a video person so TY for my blog readers Jus years. In wordpress, also an oldie; the readers are mostly USA vs This one is Europe. So the audience does differ. I dropped Yogi Goddess blog on low readers i could bring i bck but studio is occasional as a dept.

OK on Yoga, i have so much updates going on and pending.
It does help to use Secondlife Virtual World because its my genre, high graphics, and keeps me focus as a parallel world. Some residents will paradox their reality in VR but i love the parallel idea. My Resume is old and growing. I host so many depts and divisions as LDM Mia that its ongoing. For some depts i am actually on call or daily working. Pros and Cons, because thats my old and new jobs fused. I love my new duties but ok, i do use my older skills. 

For In World Secondlife, 

we are a public resort island. Its small but a tester and my actual gaming to RL budget. I caught earlier a new visitor, from local, maybe a neighbor. However in Real Life (RL) i was so annoyed because i was doing real yoga and using my land, i just left. Crazy because eventually i will list and promote for new visitors. Just not now thou lol. 
Learning in SL its good to host a Yoga House, literally the house studio. I do own a linden Country Home and two rentals ft island and Yoga Home. If it all makes sense. Its virtually work meets home life. What works, whats too high, whats realistic, est. 

In Real Life, i am annoyed times ten. I help with my parents home and house mgt but i have no air. They are 65 yrs old and slowly codependent on my daily routine. I have to math an office studio rental and relocation (commute distance) to expand but help them parallel. Hope it makes sense. So VR aids with that issue or frustration as well.

On that, will edit and get this posted. TY for tuning in,



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