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☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.

☆☆Happy Winter/Dec.☆Milestones include relocating, expanding office/New College♡Thx for visiting.
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celebration - The Forgotten Symbol

Love and Divinity's Bday
The Forgotten Symbol
10-11a, August 14th, 2019, 
Remote, Travel Notes
This week ending and Weekend, is the virtual celebration of Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM). We only celebrate online due to our 'nature of business' being satellite and virtual/3D only. We began as a business in Ann Arbor MI. Now called *Yoga.Om.2006*: I literally left a message for my future self. I desired a permanent journey in Yoga beyond personal study. At this point i had been practicing yoga from 2002 to 2006, i also took 2 yrs Hatha Yoga at WCC, A2 MI Campus. ( So after a crazy road trip to NYC, Manhattan for a yoga conference
 (, I tattooed my left arm with *Yoga.Om.2006* 
This tattoo is a lil faded for 2019 but I would never alter this symbol in anyway (seriously). I do plan to add fill ins, possibly bold color, or flowers to it. Appearance: Its the Om symbol encased with Yoga and 2006, Top/bottom. Problem, I literally forgot the tatt message. I remember for this anniversary week, the purpose of this Tatt. I did add glitter recent to quietly celebrate it, but it needs professional updates. 

Why share this now? 
I feel this is a milestone to how LDM Yoga came into existence. 
The online work, publishing, (free/discounted) classes all derives from the forgotten symbol. This adds power and Divinity to my present job, the remembrance aids our VR (blogging) celebration and projects to come. 

If we ever expand back to Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti Michigan, it will be for Ford Lake and Downtown use. Seeking a mortgage and studio rental to assist Secondlife ventures. For me a balance of both worlds. Most of family and friends feel my stay in Detroit is permanent. However i feel for my corporation its incomplete. That concept remains silent unfortunately. Virtual and home office is still expanding for Michigan as a state (US). To fuse metro commutes, remote office, and studio use; will greatly benefit projects vs only (3D) Secondlife. At this point, Secondlife does a lot of work and presentation for the Biz. *Forever grateful for the simulation experience.*

To be continued...

(Rev Dr) Leslie M Moore, (Yoga ND)
(China, Yogi Goddess)
Satellite, Detroit MI

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♡Art by Wallpaper Cave ☆LDM Mia Twitter:
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As you know The hustle been on. In Jan i move to Mount Pleasant Home of the casino resort i forgot, recent concerts, And of course CMU. However The yoga shop is live 24/7 I will before Thanksgiving Review inventory and offer sales. Promos will rotate in. Donations are on but optional. Funds will aid Detroit, South Redford, Mt Pleasant Thx Rev Dr Lez


⊙Home Tech plans☆LDM Mia Corp♡We are satellite from Detroit Redford to Redford Township areas. However; i plan to buy/Finance/land, lots, camper properties, & tiny homes for central & Northern Michigan. Areas of Focus are Bay City to near Traverse/Alpena Cities. Lab days/Hrs will vary.☆

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