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BIKRAM YOGA STUDIO with Mats, Animations, accessories (classes in SL)

Join the Yoga Studio group, and host classes in SL - (60131ea4-178b-d1b9-5d88-12ac4448cb9b) Group ID or search "Yoga Studio" or "Eso". 
First, are you familiar with Bikram yoga? There are 26 poses in Bikram yoga, all done in a particular order. You may ask - if 26 poses why do you have 27 animations? Some poses are done on each side, for example triangle pose, you have a left and a right. Some poses are for the whole body, like everyone's favorite corpse pose (you lay there and "rest"). I must reiterate so there is no confusion, you will find in this box animations to the 26 poses, you will start in the *start* position, be it standing or laying, depending on pose, then go into the pose via animation. I take classes up to 5x/week doign the 26 poses in RL so if you have any questions about the class please IM me. (you do not have to purchase this item to IM and ask about Bikram yoga, I am happy to help you get healthy and have a new experience. Now onto the product -
2 different skyboxes included, a urban new york city skybox with texture change window glass (weather and dayoptions) and panoramic view options, 9 NYC, rainforest and see from the NYC loft).
Join Eso and have some healthy fun. In this box is a 14 prim yoga studio that actually fits in Eso's linden home, or can be used as a skybox. Do you want to be a yoga teacher? Notecard included to make you an expert. Want to be part of the SL yoga studios? Join Eso's yoga studio group in SL and ask for officer rights, then post your class times. With the 37 animations you can do 30 or 60 minute classes, charge or for free. Can even make it fun like "naked yoga saturdays, or different music selections. Your students can do RL while their avatar does SL. As a yoga teacher you can do voice or text in chat. Studio includes beautiful walls, flooring, and ceiling that enhance the yoga feel. 2 slow turning ceiling fans (with working lights) and yoga doors/window with varied background textures to give the illusion of a real exterior environment. Other items: 
*Menu driven Mats 
*No menu, click to next pose Mats 
*Chair with poses 
*Yoga side table 
*Yoga art 
*Business card jar with LM/NC giver 
*Several humidifiers to make the environment more real. 
*Yoga plant 
*Water bottle, when touched gives hand held bottles for guests 
*Bamboo rug 
*Stone bowl 
*Assorted candles with particle flames 
*Cabinet with yoga mats and towels (decoration only) 
*Sweaty tattoo 
*Room thermometer, Bikram yoga best done in a hot room (also acts as a radio) 
*Asian inspired table lamp (on off switch) 
*Teacher notecard, tells the health values of each pose, what gear is needed, and more "how to".


• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.

• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.
Age 45, Taurus Bull.✿Older Jobs Removed/Retired.♥Yoga is the Umbrella to many related jobs & careers. ♥L.D.M (est 2005), Mia Resorts (est 2010). ♥Focus: Holistic, Homeopathy ND.

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OFFICIAL RESUME NEWS☆Autumn Upgrades and Focus ☆

OFFICIAL RESUME NEWS☆Autumn Upgrades and Focus ☆
BIZ power and empowerment☆☆TINY Home, OFF-GRID Enthusiast/ 2017 – Present Employment Duration 4 yrs 2 mos / Location Michigan, United States: A tiny home and real estate enthusiast slowly under 5yrs. Interests include holistic, Homeopathic, nature living and off grid lifestyles. Researching Areas central to Upper Michigan on peaceful cityscapes and nature resorts. Sole Representation of myself and LDM HQ and Mia J Resorts only. Not serving third parties or hosting sponsors. LDM MIA CORP will not be using Angel investors, donations, or fundraisers. Any and all investments will be under HQ and Corp.