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☆☆Yoga 2021 Practice: Tai Chi, QiGong Yoga☆☆Gamer Mrs.W./Taken☆

☆☆Yoga 2021 Practice: Tai Chi, QiGong Yoga☆☆Gamer Mrs.W./Taken☆
☆A Goddess on a journey, going with the flow. My life appears the same. The Taurus sign does that, we are earth energy. However changes are underway. I am trying to prepare and treasure time.

Happy Anniversary - Trending in VR

Hello all,

If you are long term fans of LDM and Mia, then Thx for tuning in.
New Followers/fans are welcome too. I rarely blog in blogger, so sorry. I will share a video from youtube natural or music moods.
For Anniversaries or new products i will try to update, it gets busy.
I do have a few updates today. Will share for the Anniversary week thou.
This blog gets more readers (lol) for China and Goddess dept, so thx. We also have an older LDM Blog (Here) as well. Very similar from our Podcast campus days literally.

Now for our Updates....

  1. Developing a 3D Virtual Yoga Class series for those interested. The Topic does get attention online.

  1. What's Trending in VR.
  • During the past 12 months The World of Virtual Reality (VR) is secretly making a comeback.
  • What was considered a passing hobby; has fused with Art, education, business, social, and technology expansions.
  • This is a perk for all virtual worlds as well.

  1. Virtual over Time
  2. What is Virtual to the online community? I find its not just virtual eyeglasses or even Virtual Worlds. Virtual can be your everyday life online beyond the real world (RL).
  3. 3D simulation is the highest form but not limited to. Examples are Virtual office services, virtual mailboxes, virtual assistants, Virtual studios, Virtual Stores.

Top Tweets of LDM (CGoddess)
Media A$$et$.
  • Virtual Yoga: 1590 - 1594 (Art) impressions in 24 hrs, 100 plus in 1 hr, according to Twitter Business.
  • Virtual Yoga Studio: 1470 (Art) impressions in 23 hrs according to Twitter Business. 12,487 (Art) impressions in 1 week according to Twitter Business.
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☆LDM Mia Twitter:
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