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Happy Fall 2021

Happy Fall 2021
So getting ready slow for autumn. I am still Cityscape with family. Its functional, annoying, but works. Any traveling or off grid lifestyle will mirror hopefully SL. For a 50/50 balance. I have to plan everything in pieces, including commercial for office/studio/church.

About LDM HQ and Divisions

I am so use to posting updates for The Fan Alumni, or Radio/YG fans
that i forget some of u, maybe new to our blog.

Do welcome.

Our Bios have shifted since radio yrs;

but here are a few to update u all.

Career History and Development: 

The Headquarters, Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM); became a podcast radio in 2008-2010 for itunes. Most of the fans were Europe and Asia only, until recently; USA via Reverbnation. In 2009, The Beatz were developed under Alter ego Yogi Goddess, a branch of Middle name; Michelle. Y.G. is another ego & department of LDM for Music and Related projects. YG is designed for special work shifts and 3D Studios.
LDM Online 2009-2011: ©®LDM Inc., ©®LDM Online Community College, ©®LDM International, “Each Individual and Family needs do shift based on Geographical city, state, and country locations. Relax and enjoy us anywhere of the World, Wide, Web, from Asia, Europe, to the US.”
During 2008-2010: The Audio and Text Book Classes, for Love and Divinity; has a Mega collection of Vocational, Professional, Undergraduate, and graduate level Mind-Body-Spirit; classes, spoken word, and educational lectures in our Stores and Teaching Profiles. The eclasses were recorded by LDM Recording Studio, of LDM University Headquarters; in Michigan.
Years 2012 - 2014: Some have forgotten the full name and even older jobs of Love and Divinity In Motion. Currently, we are DBA: LDM Inc. We can be found online as LDM Digital Studios or LDM Recording. Our DBA is easier to use and defines our projects faster per BIO.


• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.

• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.
Age 45, Taurus Bull.✿Older Jobs Removed/Retired.♥Yoga is the Umbrella to many related jobs & careers. ♥L.D.M (est 2005), Mia Resorts (est 2010). ♥Focus: Holistic, Homeopathy ND.

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