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Happy Fall 2021

Happy Fall 2021
So getting ready slow for autumn. I am still Cityscape with family. Its functional, annoying, but works. Any traveling or off grid lifestyle will mirror hopefully SL. For a 50/50 balance. I have to plan everything in pieces, including commercial for office/studio/church.

Social Closers and Mind Body and Spirit

Social Closers

Wednesday, Jul 3 @ 2:07 PM

So far,

I closed both Lezlie and China facebooks
  • Pending is meetme, former Myyearbook.
  • My main issues are FB, (May keep meetme open)
I never seen a network
  • where u cannot start fresh
  • reboot
  • or clear karma
  • or bad chi
it seems to chase
and when it hits me for no reason
that effects my personal and work

If ppl want to keep in contact
  • i am always in twitter and recent instagram
but for FB
  • its odd
  • most ppl have a hard time
  • journeying out of the network
  • its like a jail sentence.
  • a looping karma of mess.
U feel it should end
but theres no end
theres no end date
its a bad chi social.
In terms of Mind body and spirit
i feel,
its healthy to expand and have other social
my opinion over the yrs.
been online since 2006/2007

thats all for now

YG, China


• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.

• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.
Age 45, Taurus Bull.✿Older Jobs Removed/Retired.♥Yoga is the Umbrella to many related jobs & careers. ♥L.D.M (est 2005), Mia Resorts (est 2010). ♥Focus: Holistic, Homeopathy ND.

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