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Happy Fall 2021

Happy Fall 2021
So getting ready slow for autumn. I am still Cityscape with family. Its functional, annoying, but works. Any traveling or off grid lifestyle will mirror hopefully SL. For a 50/50 balance. I have to plan everything in pieces, including commercial for office/studio/church.

The Exclusive 2000 to Present

2000 to 2010 (Present)

The Exclusive,

*Life in EDU and Mia Jonita*

*A Review and Update. All Active and Non Active Departments Covered*

1. First, It is hard to document everything and every news.
'Online Business' can really be as vague and less formatted as a physical Business entities.
We actually keep high standards for each department developed.
For EDU, our Students crave that physical entity status and for ND clinical.
We will build within the simulation status first,
then LDM Estates/Campus after building 3D status.
This will be for LDM board, Studio Projects delayed
(We have no presentations of our Yoga and Dance skills at all
(Dance is the oldest resume not available, we list "the style for EDU & YG"),
Green Screen engineering 2011/2012 and Music LP 2011)
student travelors. and local students.

Below, you will see why, all depts.

We try to for all divisions and areas of our skills.
At random times, we earn royalities per fan and student interests.
Thats hard to track, but we keep it "board private sector" to not be tacky.
Everyones income is private and respected, no documentations or tracking.
When we hit our first million mark as an enterprise, then ok. Thats Not tacky.
Social App and Virtual Life; zynga beyond
or second life:

Financial Records/Status: So we are trailing under a million and 100k Business Standard and Wholesale seller.
We are Wholesale Licensing/Exam testing and Lessons, (By Serendipity): *ISO 9001:2000*
Also Available in
We are not yet in the Virtual Exchange world until Mia opens for awhile.

2. We have our professonal resume and bio listed in parts and divisions.
The oldest is listed in N.D. Wix Website only. we have a few in wix.
Our resume complements Michigan's Ann Arbor (UofM Campus, Downtown A2),
or the World Wide Web for US and International Countries.
Detroit and Metro are catching up over the past 5 years, slowly.

(When i grow up, i wanna be like Madonna. The Musician Yogi. My hero, A trainee)

3. "For Clinical"-We are an LVN/LPN, ND enchanced by Licensed/Passed Exams

Former (late teens/20(+)yrs)
Redford Township-Medical Secretary/
Nursing Aid scheduling-The schedules came to me to redo/
Nursing Charting (all in One, Medical Unit Job)
Lab Test Ordering,
Medical Supply (Short term Job)

to During College yrs Majors: Art, Business Computer software, and Hatha YOga,
Washtenaw Co. Nursing Aide/LPN levels/Dementia Units (Late 20-30+ yrs).
"For Family" and/or Holistic ND,
i will consider Accredited RN training and ND upgrades-*Not in state of michigan*.

4. "For Fitness and Exercise"-We are a Yoga Teacher by requirements (Holding a BA and Licensed),
adding more styles and pilates.
Dance Fitness for fun, Modern Comtemporary, in Hip Hop or Bellydance.

5. in 10 years:

Before Inches, Size 13(+): 44-38-44, the LPN/College diet of whatever, Toned in Washtenaw Co. walking and Power/Hatha Yoga
After Inches Size (-)11 or 12

(sum jeans are big or sporty apparel. Will treat myself to this yr): 40-34-40,
(After 1 yr adjustment and not having meal-meals. As an aide, clients wanna feed you. for college, Subway and Chinese.)
Small Portions, 3-4 meals a day or protein snacks to replace lunch.
TV Hour Pilates, Stair climbing, and Hatha Yoga.
Lost my Tomb Raider muscles & Long Pontail (pure accident). So i look like a girl, no kick box look.
The Future-If reaching size 9 and 'health stop' for my height 5'6,
add more Yoga dancer muscle, thats natural no stress.

6. Its hard to keep a Bio for each, unless they are all different profiles/format.
An on going plan, nothing stressed, but fun webmastering.
Every part of our fans for guest students, want a different version,
very similar to the traditional hire process in Human Resourses (HR)

7. We are feeling like mainstream celebrity, (very-very weird here)
Right now, we may publish jokes or humor, but nothing else beyond the resume.
You will not catch us TMZ style for the Latest-sorry.
So, it may or may not appear like we have info available, mixed genre.

8. "For Music", We are new artists still.

No brag, NO Bling, just humble thanks to fans. :)
I am a New Studio, still backing up the Board of Directors with experts.

(Thank you to my music managers, They deal the toddler madonna. or another guy)

My starter music resume is listed in reverb nation. We are making progress.
Thank you to all fans and followers this 2010.
We have a new sponsor/promoter, Mia Jonita Resorts. It aids YG the Music.

9. Speaking of, "in 3D",
Mia Jonita Resorts, upcoming 3D world. has new blogs and expanding tech news,
Listed in our Mia Websites, the LDM Backdrop, and vodcast.
Behind 3D, so far; involves a lot of Computer Software, Computer Science for any simulation.

(when i grow up, I wanna be like Second Life and IMVU, my heros.)

Catch us growing in SL, IMVU, and MIa JOnita this year during fall and Winter.
*WOW You guys-WHEW!, a lot of morning typing!!
Thats all for now my peeps, fans, students, and beyond,

Kisses, Love, and Namaste'*


• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.

• Welcome Readers, LOYALZ, and FAM.
Age 45, Taurus Bull.✿Older Jobs Removed/Retired.♥Yoga is the Umbrella to many related jobs & careers. ♥L.D.M (est 2005), Mia Resorts (est 2010). ♥Focus: Holistic, Homeopathy ND.

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